Project Description


The Educt-O-Matic is a compact handheld portable closed circuit blasting tool that can be transported anywhere and requires only 2.5 m 3 /min of air at 6 bar. Blasting and media extraction are controlled with just one trigger. Media recovery is initiated by a light trigger pull, while a full trigger pull activates the suction agitation system.

The abrasive is stored in a compact conical container from where it is dosed into the sandblasting device. The abrasive is drawn into the Educt-O-Matic mixing chamber by a high-velocity air stream, where it mixes with the air and is then ejected from the nozzle. The sandblasting head is adjustable and swivels to allow sandblasting at any angle. Abrasives and dust are caught in the rubber insert. The reusable abrasive material is drawn back into the container, while the broken abrasive material and dust is directed into the dust bag.

An area approximately 30mm wide can be easily cleaned with Educt-O-Matic.

When you’re done sandblasting, just release the trigger halfway for two to three seconds and the vacuum will pick up the remaining dust and abrasive.

The suction is stopped by releasing the trigger all the way. Educt-O-Matic works best with steel or iron grit. Dust and broken abrasive are collected in a simple cotton bag.


EDUCT-O-MATIC, 6 attachments and dust bag.


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10112800 EDUKT-O-MATIĆ Ručni prijenosni alat za pjeskarenje zatvorenog kruga. Kompletan paket uklj. 6 dodataka i vrećica za prašinuoes Here